5 SEO Copywriting Techniques to Help You Rank Better
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5 SEO Copywriting Techniques to Help You Rank Better

5 SEO Copywriting Techniques to Help You Rank Better

1. Improve readability by adding bullets, short paragraphs and subheadings.

Subheadings not only leads people through your content, but they also describe your content to Google and other search engines. Short paragraphs, numbered lists and bullets improve digestibility of your content. If your content is easy to read, they would read everything!

2. Write a compelling, engaging headline.

Write catchy headlines that set the tone of your topics, and would encourage people to read your content. Never forget to include strong keywords in your title. This is important for search engine rankings, and clearly, this is what your target readers are looking for. They would be encouraged to click your content.

3. Don’t just focus on keyword density.

Keep in mind that you are not publishing posts for robots. You are a person who is reaching out to your target audience. If your articles are just stuffed with plenty of keywords, then it would be difficult to communicate your ideas well. Don’t just focus on keyword density. Using strong, related keywords, grammatical variations and synonyms are the best ways to improve search engine rankings and limit redundancy.

4. Make use of power words, as well as an active voice.

You must be excited about what your brand and business has to offer. By using power words, you can get other people excited, too. Simple words can influence readers, and write an active voice that is persuasive, energetic and direct.

5. Include external links.

Do you know how to deal with external links? There are plenty of SEO consultants in Malaysia that can help you with this. External links are crucial because it helps your content appear even more valuable in search engines’ eyes. It is also an amazing way to add information, support key points, and emphasize external sources while keeping copywriting on point and concise.

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