5 tips for keeping your user at the center of your design
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5 tips for keeping your user at the center of your design

5 tips for keeping your user at the center of your design

Whether you are a blogger or an online business owner, you need to focus on good website design to improve user experience. With great user experience, you can better understand the preferences and needs of your target audience.

Listen to feedback.

Do you think your website users are having a great time browsing around your pages? But, what if they are not? Surely, you would want to know what difficulties they are going through, so you can implement the necessary adjustments. Always ask listen to their feedback and comments.

Design your website with mobile browsing in mind.

We are living in the digital age, and it’s proven that around 70 percent of website traffic already comes from mobile devices. Make sure that your pages can be viewed properly even on smaller screens. It must be easy to type in, and navigate.

Always check your content.

Always check the data from every page. Which specific blog post has the biggest bounce rate? Think about why your users is not engaging with this particular content, and what improvements can you make to your website design.

Design your website the correct demographic.

How can you design your pages based on the right demographic? Know and understand your audience well. Research on their race, gender, age, household income and disabilities.

Use engaging call-to-action buttons and statements.

Every successful website has engaging, attention-grabbing CTAs. These can increase your click-through rate, traffic and conversions.

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