7 Foods That Are Known to Kill Your Libido
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7 Foods That Are Known to Kill Your Libido

7 Foods That Are Known to Kill Your Libido

Some people believe that testosterone is a hormone that only exists in men and estrogen is a hormone that only resides in women. But, truth be told, both men and women actually contain some levels of T and E in their systems.
Testosterone is touted as a male hormone and is predominantly found in male bodies. However, women can also have that as well. This is also true for estrogen. A hormonal imbalance can lead to a number of things, including facial hair in women, large breasts in men, and also an increase or decrease of libido as well.

As much as possible, you want your sex drive to always be at its peak. There are libido boosters on the market for more severe cases, but you have to take note of the food that you take in since it can have a huge impact on your sex drive.
Today, I am going to go over some foods that are known to kill your libido.

Diet Soda

You do not want to get sugar that is abundant in regular sodas, so you opted for the diet version. Well, whether it is the regular kind or the diet version, they both are terrible for your diet for a variety of reasons.

The artificial sweeteners used in diet soda (mostly aspartame), are known to affect your serotonin levels in a negative way. Low levels of the said hormone can lead to reduced happiness or even depression. So, it only stands to reason that it, too, can lead to lower libido in both men and women.


Have you ever noticed why some shrimps that you can find on the market are cheaper than others? Well, that is because they are most likely farm-bred, meaning, they are cultivated in controlled environments.
The problem with this is that they are usually doused with pesticides and those may disrupt the endocrine receptors in your body. If that happens, hormonal imbalance is definitely probable.


Also known simply as soybeans, Edamame is usually genetically engineered, according to the Center for Food Safety.
Although soy can provide you with some health benefits, too much in your system can lead to poor sperm count and quality.


I know that it is hard to avoid sugar, but it is best that you be wary of the foods that you eat. Sugar is known to increase the production of insulin, which is a hormone that is responsible for controlling it.

However, too much insulin in the body can have negative effects. It can raise one’s estrogen levels, it can result in higher belly fat, and it can also cause testosterone levels to dip as well.


Now, I am not saying that all types of cheese are bad for you, but you have to understand that most of what you can find on the market are created from cow’s milk and some milk are created with synthetic hormones.
Ingesting too much can result in disturbed hormone production which will ultimately lead to hormonal imbalances.

Canned Soup

If you fancy some canned soup, I suggest that you look for alternatives. That is because canned soup is usually high in dietary sodium which, when ingested in huge amounts, can result in elevated blood pressure.

Trans Fats

Donuts and other baked goodies are usually filed with trans fats. They should be avoided like the plague! Trans fats bring nothing but negative effects. One ill effect of trans fats is its ability to clog up your arteries.

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