7 Reasons Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate is Low
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7 Reasons Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate is Low

7 Reasons Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate is Low

You may have heard about some of the most popular ecommerce platforms out there that allows you to put up your own online business quickly and easily.

That also means that you’re going up against pretty stiff competition because people can most certainly come up with their own.

So, you have your own shop ready and waiting for customers, but you find that after a couple of weeks, your conversion rate is kind of low.

In this article, I will talk about possible reasons why that is the case.

You Don’t Know Your Target Audience

Let me ask you one question: do you know who you’re selling to? More specifically, do you have a target demographic in mind to whom you can market and sell your products to?

If the answer to these questions is no, then that could be a potential reason why you’re not really getting a higher conversion rate than you deserve.

To know exactly what your customers want, you may want to use web analytics to find out how these people behave on your website. You may also want to use some social analytics as well to see if your products are being shared or promoted in other websites.

Your Website Made a Bad First Impression

As the saying goes, first impressions last. If you look at your website’s statistics and you find that you have a rather high bounce rate, then there could potentially be something offensive on your website or things that your customers do not want to see.

Perhaps, your website is not usable in the sense that the interface is cluttered so much that it is hard to navigate. Or maybe, you just aren’t clear with your sales copy and there is no CTA button that they can see almost immediately.

Making your website easily navigable can help solve this.

A Poorly Optimized Site

Is your website slow to load? Are your website’s contents not optimized? If so, you’re suffering from poor SEO. Search Engine Optimization is all about optimizing your content in a manner that will help improve the experience of the people who go to your site.

That being said, if your website is fast, provides content that helps answer a query, or provides something that is of value to your users, then you can expect that they will most likely convert and become your customers.

Not Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile users have overtaken their desktop counterparts when it comes to purchasing stuff online. In other words, people are now using their mobile devices more than their laptops or desktop computers.

That being said, if your website is not optimized in a way that supports mobile devices with smaller displays, then you can expect people to leave your website without a moment’s notice.

By “mobile-friendly”, I mean that your website’s contents fit nicely on their device’s screen. Making sure that your content fits mobile devices is one thing that you should focus on as well.

Poor Product Images

People do not have the ability to inspect a product before purchase when buying stuff online, which is why as a business owner, you have to put it upon yourself to provide them with videos and images that will highlight your products.

But, you shouldn’t just upload any photo or video- you have to upload them in high-quality. Uploading poor quality media will result in a poor conversion rate.

Not Having a Persuasive Copy

A persuasive copy is a message that is carefully crafted with the intention to entice and persuade people to make the purchase.

That being said, you have to use power words and words that will elicit a response or an action. Furthermore, you should make sure that your sales copy is free of grammatical errors as well.

No Clear Call to Action

A call to action is always necessary if you have an online store. It should be readily available and visibly seen so that your potential customers will know exactly what to do next.

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