Baby Care Advice that You Should Ignore Today
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Baby Care Advice that You Should Ignore Today

Baby Care Advice that You Should Ignore Today

There is a lot of advice circulating around about how you should take care of your baby. For instance, you shouldn’t buy cloth baby diapers because they are not as effective as disposable ones. There are also some that prohibit you from traveling with your newborn.

Those pieces of advice can easily be ignored today because some of them have been debunked and some of them are, well, outright outrageous.

In this article, I will talk about some advice that you can safely ignore today.

1. Your Baby Needs Daily Baths

The truth is that your baby doesn’t need to take a bath every day. If anything, twice or thrice a week would be sufficient enough as their bodies do not smell as much as ours do.

However, if your baby enjoys baths a lot, you can give them a bath, provided that you focus only on their hands, face, and bottom. And oh, use a mild soap while you’re at it.

2. Using Aspirin to Treat Fever

As I’ve mentioned earlier, our bodies differ from babies in that there are some medicines that are still not right for them to take.

That being said, some parents give their babies some aspirin to help lower their baby’s temperatures down, but this can actually lead them to an increased risk of Reye’s Syndrome– a potentially fatal condition that may occur in a child that is trying to recover from a viral infection.

That being said, what you can do safely is to give them baby acetaminophen or ibuprofen instead. Make sure that you ask their doctors to give you some.

3. Your Baby Requires Absolute Silence

This is also another myth that still persists to this day. We are led to believe that babies require absolute silence for them to be able to have a nice sleep, but that isn’t just the case.

For you see, babies are already accustomed to noise and sounds since they were still in the womb. The pounding of the heart, the sounds of the nerves, among other things can actually be picked up by their developing ears, which is why it is okay for them to hear some sounds.

There are even some physicians that would tell new parents to introduce them to sounds and noise after their babies are born. So, don’t be afraid to turn on the vacuum cleaner even when your baby is sleeping.

4. Babies Should Sleep on Pillows and Blankets

No, this is actually a bad thing to do as you are increasing their risk of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. What you can do is do what the American Academy of Pediatrics tells you: remove all of the things on the crib and just leave the crib’s bedding.

5. Formula Milk is Just as Better as Breastmilk

No, not at all. Although formula milk indeed has a lot of nice things for your baby, the antibodies that are necessary for their bodies are only found in breastmilk. So if anything, give your baby breastmilk until your breast cannot produce it anymore.

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