How to Craft a Stand-Out Web Developer Portfolio
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How to Craft a Stand-Out Web Developer Portfolio

How to Craft a Stand-Out Web Developer Portfolio

Wanna impress the potential company you’ll be joining? You need an impressive portfolio then. Let us help you out with that

  • Link to all of your CodePen projects.

This tip is most applicable for any front-end web developer. If you want to show off your HTML, JavaScript and CSS skills, then this platform is a good place to start. CodePen can provide all developers with fun resources and experiences.

  • Link to all of your social media profiles.

Make sure to link all of your social profiles, including LinkedIn. You can also use Stack Overflow to connect with other developers.

  • Make your portfolio functional, and visually appealing.

Incorporating extra elements in your portfolio, and customizing your theme’s functionality are other great ways to display your knowledge and qualification.

  • Provide context in every project that you include.

This is a good way to help your own portfolio stand out, and resonate among employers and clients.

  • Keep copies and screenshots of everything.

Save copies and screenshots of your codes. You can use these as examples of your works, or as backups in case your apps are taken down. Don’t let yourself lose the products of your hard work.

  • Begin with the basics.

Your portfolio must serve as a condensed resume. Tell your audience and target customers who you are, and what you do. How can potential clients get in touch with you? Your contact details                                                                                    should be easy to find.

  • Highlight your specialized skills.

Don’t be scared to be technical in your portfolio. Your goal is to market your skills and knowledge, so make sure to highlight all of these properly.

  • Showcase your best personal projects.

Website developers should have 1 or 2 personal projects in their portfolios. You would want all potential employers to be able to dive in, and know how clean and elegant your codes are.

  • Don’t forget to link to your GitHub web projects.

Thinking of the best ways to get new opportunities? Try to get involved in GitHub projects. If you want, you can also begin your own. GitHub is the ultimate source code repository for many developers out there.

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