Important Facts About Architects that You Should Know About
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Important Facts About Architects that You Should Know About

Important Facts About Architects that You Should Know About

Here is a simple fact of life: we all need a place to stay. Whether we use a building for worship, learning, work, shopping, eating, and for whatever purpose, these structures are made in part by architects.

At their core, architects are responsible for creating the building’s design. It not only encompasses its appearance, but they would also have to make sure that the building is actually safe for the dwellers, as well as functional at the same time.

Most architects work in architecture firms, but some went on to establish their own companies. Be that as it may, architects are quite important in this day and age and in this article, I will talk about some important facts about the said profession that you need to know about.

What Architects Do

Architects actually do a lot of things. They are there from the initial phase of the construction where they will meet up with their clients to set objectives and requirements and deem what the purpose of the structure would be.

From there, they will create 3D models and building plans that adhere to the requirements that are set by the client, after which, they will talk to the building contractors to get the project started.

Once the construction commences, they will visit the site from time to time to give updates to their clients. They will also inspect and see if the building plans are followed to the tee and if the materials that are used in the construction of the structure is well within specifications.

The building plan actually entails a lot of things. Not only does it cover the entire appearance of the building, but it also covers the structural system as well, such as the building’s ventilation, air-conditioning, heating, and electrical systems, among many others.

Architects these days now create their blueprints through the use of computer-aided design or CAD. However, there are some that utilize more contemporary measures by using BIM software such as Revit.

Education and Training

Architects are required to complete a 5-year bachelor course to get some much-needed education about the subject matter. From there, they will be required to render some hours of work (particularly spanning 1-3 years in total).

Aside from getting a bachelor’s degree, some will go on to get a master’s degree before they will get their license.

It is important to note that architects before they can even practice their profession, are required to get a license from their state or from their country of origin.

The Skills that Are Needed

Aside from formal concepts that are taught in schools, architects must also possess some soft skills as well. For instance, their communication skills should be on point since they are going to be communicating with the different stakeholders.

They also must have good time-management skills in order for them to complete deadlines and so that they become efficient in their work.

They also have to be creative thinkers as well so that they can solve problems as they arise (which, believe me, will come at some point in the process).

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